WebCT 4.1: Global Calendar and Downloading to Palm OS


Many instructors provide a course calendar within WebCT. Students and faculty have the capability of viewing multiple course calendars within one Global Calendar view! This is a great feature for those of you with multiple WebCT courses. In addition, you may now download your calendar entries to your PalmÔ Datebook.

Accessing your Global Calendar

To access your Global Calendar, click on the Go to Global Calendar link from your myWebCT page (this is the page where all of your WebCT courses are listed).

The first time you access your Global Calendar, you will need to customize it. Click on Customize. From the Customize Course List, select the courses you wish to include in your Global Calendar and then click on Update.

Each course will be assigned a symbol, which you may edit if you would like. To return to the Global Calendar, click on Global Calendar in the breadcrumbs at the top of the page.

Once you have selected your courses, each time you click on the Go to Global Calendar link, you will see a monthly or weekly view of all calendar entries for each of your courses. 

To view the entries for a give day, click on the hyperlinked date. You may toggle between weekly and monthly view as well. To change the month displayed, use the dropdown selection box and click on Go. Within your individual courses, you will still be able to view each calendar independently of the others if necessary.

Adding a Global Calendar Entry

From the Global Calendar, click on the hyperlinked date to which you wish to add an entry. Click Add Entry. From the Select a Calendar to Post your Entry dropdown box, choose the course you wish to add your entry to. If you wish your entry to be private, choose myWebCT. Complete the calendar entry and click Add when you are finished. You may edit this entry at anytime. You may also delete entries that you have added.

Tip: Click on Help at any time to get detailed instructions for how to complete any of these actions.

Downloading Calendar Entries to PalmÔ Datebook

This new feature allows you to download entries from all of your WebCT course calendars to your Palm Datebook using the Palm Hotsync operation. Once you set up your LinkWebCT and performed your first HotSync, subsequent HotSync operations will retrieve only new or modified entries. Please note that the software necessary to complete this operation is available for PCs only at this time.

Tip: Currently, information only moves from WebCT to the Palm device!!!

1. Download and Setup LinkWebCT

You must go to http://www.webct.com/linkwebct and download the zip file. Once downloaded onto your own computer, you will need to unzip it and run the setup.exe. You will also need to install the LinkWebCT.prc file on your Palm device using you HotSync Manager. Once installed, Perform the HotSync operation and LinkWebCT should appear on your Palm device’s home screen.

2. Enter your LinkWebCT Settings

From your Palm device’s home screen, click the Dr. C icon labeled LinkWebCT. Enter the following information:

Server name: www.webct.pdx.edu
Port number: 80
Enter your username and password and then click on Save.

3. Download Calendar Entries

Connect to the Internet and HotSync your Palm device. This will add your Global Calendar entries. In subsequent HotSyncs, this action will add only new and modified entries.

Warning: Your first HotSync may take a long time depending on the numberof calendars and entries.