WebCT 4.1: Student Presentations

Tip: Don't forget the online HELP available from the menu bar at the top of the screen!

The Student Presentations tool enables you to create a web-based presentation and upload it to your WebCT course. Other students within the course, your instructor and yourself can then see the work that you and/or your group has done. You can also view other groups' presentations.

Creating a Student Presentation

First, you will need to create your presentation as a set of linked HTML files. You typically do this outside of WebCT using programs such as Netscape Composer (free), Front Page, or Dreamweaver. Microsoft Word also allows you to save files in HTML-format if you are unfamiliar with these other programs.
Tip: The filename of the first page of your presentation must be "index.html". Save all files with an .html extension. The filename cannot contain any of the following characters: spaces, tabs, line feeds, carriage returns, : ~ [ ] ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) + ` } } | \ < > , ? / ; ' "  

After creating your web-based presentation, you will then need to upload these files into your presentation folder in the Student Presentations area of your WebCT course. If you use a commercial software program for creating you presentation, do NOT use the built-in file transfer protocol (FTP) if one is available. You must upload your files using WebCT's built-in file transfer protocol.

Click on the link to Student Presentations (it may be named something else) on your course homepage. A list of "groups" should appear. Groups may consist of a single individual or any number of students.  

If a project is available for viewing, the title will be listed under the Description column and will be hyperlinked. Clicking on the title will bring you to the first page of the presentation. The three groups shown below have no hyperlinked title in the Description column, which means they have not yet uploaded their projects.

You will recognize the group you belong to because there will be a hyperlinked Edit Files next to the name of your group.

Uploading a Student Presentation

To upload a file, click on the Edit Files link next to your group name. When you do this, you will come to your Manage Files area. The Manage Files screen looks like that below:

Under Options: Files, click the Upload button. The Upload File screen appears. To locate your files, click Browse. A browse window appears. Locate the file you want to upload, select it by clicking on it, and then click Open. Your file name should appear in the box next to Browse:

Click on Upload to finish. You will have to upload your presentation one file at a time.

Tip: If you have graphics or images on your webpage, don't forget to upload these files as well!

Tip: If you want to upload multiple files at once, zip them first using WinZip (PC), ZipIt (Mac),
or another file compression application and then upload the .zip file.

You may edit files here (click the box next to your file and choose Edit from the dropdown box at the top of the page), but you will have to be familiar with HTML codes to do this. If you are not comfortable editing HTML files and need to edit a file, download the file, edit it using an HTML editor and then re-upload the file.

If you return to the Student Presentations page (by clicking on the link located underneath the title of your course), the title of your project should now be hyper-linked (IF you named the first file of your project "index.html").

If not, you will need to go back to the File Manage area (by clicking on the [Edit Files] link) and "Rename" your first file.

Downloading Files

If you need to, you may download a file from the your presentation folder to your personal computer.

Tip: If you want to download multiple files at once, zip them first and then download the .zip file.

From the Student Presentations screen, click the Edit Files link. The Manage Files screen appears. Files are listed under the folder that shares a title with your group name. Select the checkbox next to the file you want to download. Under the Options: Files list, click the Download button. The Download File screen appears. To download the file, click Download. A dialog box appears. Follow the instructions in the dialog box to save the file on your computer. To open the downloaded file, close or minimize the WebCT Browser, if necessary, and open the file on your computer.

Tip: More detailed help concerning the use of the Student Presentation tool is available by click on the "Help" on the tool bar at the top of your WebCT course page.