WebCT 4.1: Submitting Online Quizzes

If your instructor is using online quizzes in your course, there should be an icon on your course homepage that you can click on to see the available quizzes. When you click on this icon, you will see a page listing all of the quizzes, when they are available, how much time you have to take them and how much they are worth. 

BEFORE taking your quiz, please click on the Check Browser link at the top of your WebCT course to be certain that you are using an acceptable browser. This link will automatically detect the browser you are using and tell you if it is validated for use with WebCT. If you are using a compatible browser, next click on the Browser Tuneup Page link to make the appropriate changes to your browser settings (see the Technical Tips handout for more information).

Tip: You are responsible for ensuring that your browser settings are correct.

How do I begin the quiz?

If a quiz is available, the title of the quiz will be hyperlinked and you will see a pencil icon next to the title:

Clicking on the title will bring up a page of instructions. Read this page; it is tailored specifically for the quiz you are taking and contains important information! To begin the quiz, click the Begin quiz button at the bottom of these instructions.

Tip: Allow the quiz to load completely before attempting to do anything else.  This may take a while depending on how the quiz is being delivered and how many questions there are.

Can I exit a quiz without submitting it?

It depends. If your instructor has set a time limit for your quiz, when you click on the Begin quiz button, the clock begins to count down, and, therefore, you will NOT be able to exit the quiz. If the quiz is not timed, then you will be able to close the quiz window without any penalty. By the way, although the time clock starts counting down immediately, the time at the top of the page is not updated until you submit a question. Be sure to pay attention to the time!

Answering questions

Depending on how your instructor has configured your quiz, you may get the entire quiz at once or be delivered a single question at a time. In both cases, you will see the Question Status box to the right of the questions:

To save your answer to a question, click Save answer, and a blue check mark () will appear in the Question Status box. This will ensure that any work you have done is not lost, in the event of any technical problems. If you change an answer after you have saved it, the check mark will change into an exclamation point () to let you know that the answer needs to be resaved. This allows you to revisit questions and make changes to your answers.

Tip: Be patient. It is important to be certain that your answer has been recorded before going on to the next question. The yellow ball must change to a blue check mark in the upper right hand corner of the page before proceeding. You may want to consider completing your quizzes in a campus computer lab if you have a slow modem connection at home.

Tip: If you are filling in a short answer question or an essay question, Do NOT resize window after you begin to type if you are using Netscape Composer!!!. You will lose everything you write. This is not a problem with IE.

Submitting the quiz for grading

To submit the quiz for grading, click Finish. A confirmation message appears. Click OK. The Quizzes and Surveys screen appears.

Tip: You must click OK for your quiz to be submitted for grading!

Browser/computer crashes

If you experience a browser or computer crash during a quiz, when you begin the quiz again, the answers that you previously saved will be there. Anytime that your computer or browser is unavailable during a quiz will be considered to be part of your total completion time for the quiz. If you are taking a timed quiz and your browser/computer crashes, be sure to tell your instructor. They can reset your quiz attempt for you if necessary.

Viewing individual quiz results

To view the results of your quiz attempt, click the Quiz tool hyperlink on your Homepage. Under Attempts, click the Completed hyperlink for the quiz that you want to view. The Scores screen appears. Under Number, click the hyperlink of the quiz attempt for which you want to see the results. The Results screen appears. The information that is available to you depends upon how your instructor has set up the quiz results. To return to the Scores screen, click the Scores hyperlink.

Viewing all your quiz results

Under Quizzes and Surveys, select View scores for quizzes, and click Go. The Scores screen appears. If you want to view an individual quiz attempt, under Number, click the hyperlinked attempt number.  You can also view the results of individual quizzes by click the “View scores” button underneath the title of the quiz.

Viewing quiz statistics

Note: This option may not be made available by all instructors.

To view summary quiz statistics for yourself and the class, click the Quiz tool hyperlink on your Homepage. Under Quizzes and Surveys, select View class statistics for quizzes, and click Go. The Statistics screen appears. Under Title, select the check box of the quiz for which you want to see the summary statistics. Under Statistics, select View individual and class summary statistics for a quiz, and click Go. The Performance Summary screen appears.

To view statistics on all questions in a quiz for yourself and the class, click the Quiz tool hyperlink on your Homepage. Under Quizzes and Surveys, select View class statistics for quizzes, and click Go. Under Title, select the check box of the quiz for which you want to see the question statistics. Under Statistics, select View individual and class statistics for all questions in a quiz, and click Go.

Problems taking a quiz?

Contact your instructor immediately, preferably BEFORE the quiz is due. They can give you another opportunity to submit the quiz if necessary.


The WebCT server (the computer that runs WebCT and holds your course materials) has regularly scheduled maintenance EVERY Friday from 8:00PM -2:00 AM. During this time the server may go down without warning. Do not attempt to complete a quiz or submit an assignment during these hours!